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Scrapen von Websites ohne Grenzen

  • Bis zu 40 000 Rechenzentrums-Proxys
  • HTTP und Socks4/5 Protokoll unterstützt
  • 99% Betriebszeit-Garantie
  • Unbegrenzte gleichzeitige Verbindungen

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Vollmachten für Wohnzwecke

Experience maximum success and speed with our 10M+ Residential proxy pool. Our ethically sourced proxies are guaranteed to get you around restrictions, suspensions, and blocks with 99% success rate and 2 sec response time.

10M+ Back-Connect rotierende IP-Adressen auf der ganzen Welt

HTTP-Protokoll für mehr Kontrolle und Flexibilität

Unbegrenzte gleichzeitige Verbindungen

99 % Erfolgsquote und kurze Reaktionszeit von 2 Sekunden für schnelle und zuverlässige Leistung

Ethische Beschaffung, 24/7-Überwachung und 99,9 % Betriebszeitgarantie

24/7 Unterstützung


Our premium proxies are the top choice for fast and reliable performance you can trust. With over 40 000 proxies and a 99% success rate, these proxies offer unmatched speed, security, and privacy for all your online activities.

Unerreichte Geschwindigkeit und Zuverlässigkeit für alle Ihre Online-Anforderungen

Unbegrenzte Bandbreite und gleichzeitige Verbindungen zur Bewältigung umfangreicher Aufgaben und zum Zugriff auf mehrere Datenquellen

Erweiterte Funktionen wie 3 IP-Authentifizierungsslots und API-Integration für mehr Kontrolle und Anpassungsmöglichkeiten

24/7-Betriebszeitüberwachung und eine 99,9 %ige Betriebszeitgarantie für einen zuverlässigen, stets verfügbaren Service

Großer Pool von 50K http & Socks4/5 Rechenzentrums-Proxys für maximale Flexibilität

Dedizierte Proxys

For the ultimate in control and customization, our dedicated proxies are the way to go. With IPs that belong exclusively to you and unlimited bandwidth and concurrent connections, you have the resources you need to handle even the most sensitive tasks.

Private IP-Adressen für maximale Kontrolle und individuelle Anpassung

Unbegrenzte Bandbreite und gleichzeitige Verbindungen für unbegrenzte Aktivitäten

Geschwindigkeiten bis zu 1Gbps

IP-Authentifizierung und API-Integration für mehr Kontrolle und Anpassungsmöglichkeiten

Hohe Redundanz und Kapazität für ununterbrochene Leistung

Live-Chat-Support rund um die Uhr, um alle Fragen zu beantworten, genau dann, wenn Sie es brauchen.

Was uns zur besten Wahl macht

Geschwindigkeit und Zuverlässigkeit

Our proxy services are the most reliable in the industry, offering unmatched speed and security for all your online activities. With a powerful proxy network and optimized performance, you can securely access the data you need without worrying about getting blocked or having your data compromised.

Flexibel und sicher

ProxyScrape offers flexible options for secure access to 50K http & Socks4/5 datacenter proxies with unlimited bandwidth and connections, as well as 10M+ rotating residential IPs with a 99% success rate. Upgrade to private dedicated HTTP/S proxies for added security and reliability.

Engagiert für ethische Praktiken

Our proxy services are fully compliant with all relevant regulations and laws, ensuring that you can use them with confidence. From ethical sourcing to data privacy and security, we take every precaution to ensure that our proxies are used responsibly and ethically.

Qualität und Leistung

ProxyScrape guarantees the quality of its service and stands by the reliability of our proxies with a 99% uptime guarantee. Our powerful proxy network gives you unmatched speed, security, and privacy you need to keep your operations running smoothly.

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Fast And Reliable Performance

Our optimized proxies ensure fast and stable connections with a 99% uptime guarantee. You can access the data you need without worrying about slow or unstable connections. Our powerful proxy network guarantees fast and reliable performance you can trust.

Enhance Your Online Capabilities

Get access to high-performance proxies for web scraping, market research, SEO monitoring, e-commerce, website testing, cybersecurity, ad verification, brand protection, and more.

Customer Satisfaction and Support

Our 24/7 support ensures that our customers can get the help they need whenever they need it, and our high retention rate of over 37,000 satisfied customers attests to the quality of our products and services.

Legitime, qualitativ hochwertige Proxys

Ensure your success with ethically sourced proxies that are of the highest quality. ProxyScrape is dedicated to acquiring residential proxies in a way that is both ethical and transparent. We have a comprehensive process in place to ensure that our proxies are obtained and used in a manner that is transparent and accountable. We also have measures in place for monitoring usage and taking preventative action to ensure that our proxies are not used for any unethical or illegal purposes. We are fully compliant with data protection laws and believe in prioritizing the privacy rights of our users.

Einfaches Verwalten von Proxies

Get more done in less time with our easy-to-use dashboard. Manage your proxies, view performance analytics and access customer support within an intuitive interface designed to maximize efficiency.

Enjoy unlimited concurrent connections, 24/7 support, fast & reliable performance, and an extensive datacenter proxy pool to help you get the job done.

  • Verwalten Sie Ihre Proxy-Listen
  • IP-Authentifizierungen
  • Konto-Upgrades
  • API-Schlüssel und Dokumentation
  • Proxy Checker
  • Wissensbasis
  • Feature-Anfragen

Streamline Your Workflow With ProxyScrape API

Unlock the power of automation and take your operations to the next level with our ProxyScrape API. Easily and quickly download & authenticate your proxies with your software, allowing you to save time and resources while collecting data.

ProxyScrape Proxy Checker

Testleistung und -zuverlässigkeit

Test the speed and performance of your proxies and identify and remove dead or slow proxies to optimize your pool.

Gewährleistung von Sicherheit und Anonymität

Verify the country, location, and anonymity level of your proxies to ensure they provide sufficient level of privacy and security.

Gewährleistung von Sicherheit und Anonymität

Quickly and easily check the status of your proxies to ensure they are working properly, minimizing connectivity issues.

Kostenlose Proxy-Liste

  • Fresh and reliable proxy list: Our public proxy list page provides a free open proxy list scraped from various sources, checked 24/7 for freshness.
  • Wide range of proxy types: Choose from Socks4, Socks5, and HTTP proxies to find the one that best fits your needs.
  • Easy access and download options: The proxy list can be downloaded in a text file format (.txt) or accessed directly via our proxy API for easy use.
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